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Carolyn R Scheidies

Author of 
History, Mystery, 
Romance...and Hope!



Books, articles, devotions, even verse. You'll find it all here. For all the varied writing, you'll find one thing tying them all together--hope. Enjoy exploring, reading and finding books that will challenge, entertain and inform.

Check FICTION for my latest release The Darkan Conspiracy. A fantasy-adventure novel. This is a departure for me from historical romance and I am excited about this book.


THE DARKAN CONSPIRACY is finally out. It has been years in the creating. Suitable for teens on up, it would make a great video game. Enough action for the guys and enough romance for the gals. Think swords and sorcery. Anyway, hope you will take a look at my latest baby.

We rely on ourselves, our family, our friends--even government. Sooner or later they will all fail us--including (or especially) our arrogant selves. Click on the link below to read my poem WHERE LIES MY TRUST?.

It is hard to fight the prevailing culture, but that's what we often must do these days. What does this mean? Check out my devotion by clicking the link below.

Seems I am not satisfied with wedding plans. I have to add my own drama. Click below to read my latest Hub column on this subject.

CLICK HERE to check out my poem(s) WHERE LIES MY TRUST?

CLICK HERE for Hub article: How I added drama to my niece's wedding

CLICK HERE for my Devotional(s): Rebuilding the Foundations

CLICK HERE for article "What Happened After I Fell"

About the Author

Writing has been my life since I first picked up a pencil before I entered school. I learned the alphabet and the word AT. After that I went down the alphabet rhyming words. It was intoxicating! 

By the time I left third grade, I was writing stories and knew one thing--I wanted to be a writer. (I also wanted to be a jockey, before there were women jockeys. I was deep into the Walter Farley "Black Stallion" books.) 

I geared my education to become a writer. In high school I won writing awards and sold my first short story. During college I began selling my stories and articles. I graduated with a comprehensive degree in Journalism--a very good foundation for any type of writing. 

Now, many books later, some traditionally published, some with small publishers and some self-published, I still write for my career. (Some of those books won awards.) I have a regular column in a regional newspaper. I write short articles for Internet clients. And still develop book projects. 

What I write reaches all ages. Interesting how, as my own children grew up, I wrote stories for their different ages and stages. I write both fiction and non-fiction, contemporary and historical, mystery, fantasy and even romance. I also write about the moral, cultural and political issues of the day.

 I write from a caring, life-affirming, Christian perspective. You'll find here books and writing to challenge, convict, encourage and lift up. 

Enjoy the journey. CRS

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