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Help! I'm A New Mother

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Hints, helps and practical mother-to-mother advice from the “experts” mothers who’ve been there. Includes advice from such mothers as Francine Rivers, Linda E Shepherd, Gayle Roper and Liz Curtis Higgs, as well as mothers from all walks of life.

Being a Mother isn’t easy, isn’t simple and can take us to the edge of sanity and despair. You are not alone! We’ve all been there. Those with lots of degrees behind their names have something to offer, but there is nothing like the experience of the Moms who’ve lived through all the frustrations and the joys of motherhood---and learned how to cope with everything from pain during breastfeeding to taking time for themselves.

You will not find statistics or dry academics here. The contributors to this book for new moms are real moms who’ve survived the real world of day-to-day mothering. And reveal their secrets so you can too.

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Helpful advice to a new mom becomes book for mothers
Kearney Hub Title: Advice to new mom becomes book for modern mothers  Published 5/11/15
2015 Carolyn R Scheidies

When I got pregnant with our son in 1979, it was scary considering my inexperience and limitations. While other teens babysat, I struggled with pain and increasing limitations. After ten years in a wheelchair, massive reconstructive surgery got me on my feet again. Though surgery continued to keep me upright, I developed many limitations. How was I going to handle a child?

I read everything I could. I talked to other mothers. At the baby shower, after Chris was born, the women wrote motherly advice on cards and put them in an album. What wonderful advice! These and other mothers helped me over all sorts of problems of child raising. Those women were a God send. We managed to raise two healthy, caring children. 

Fifteen years ago, when my daughter-in-law was pregnant with our first grandchild, I wanted to give her something special. I recalled what helped me and dug out that album of mother-to-mother advice. I posted mothers-friends, family and on my writing loops--about sending me their advice. I received wonderful advice from mothers from all walks of life from the stay at home mom, to moms in politics as well as well-known authors and speakers. 

I created a notebook of mother-to-mother advice for my daughter-in-law. She loved it. In fact, she kept asking me if I would make another for this friend and that friend. It dawned that there might be a market for such a book. My daughter-in-law encouraged me to pursue a contract. 

That meant rewriting and reworking. It meant seeking advice from professionals who were also moms on such things as nursing and diet. It meant contacting everyone for permission to use their advice. A big job, but it paid off with a book contract with TrebleHeart Books. Help! I’m A New Mother was released in 2004. But the publishing business changed, and, eventually, TrebleHeart Books folded returning book rights. My daughter, suggested an update for a new generation of moms--hers. When I agreed, I had no idea what a huge project it would become. 

Everything needed work, starting with an updated cover and more information. Motherly advice was just as valid as before, but it needed tweaking for today’s moms. I contacted as many contributors as possible for updates. Contributors I reached encouraged me. I also added input of today’s moms. 

Though it took longer and required more effort and energy than I imagined, the new HELP! I’M A NEW MOTHER is now available in print and Kindle versions (http://www.idealinhope.com/help.html). I am thankful, in the pages of a book, mother-to-mother advice is, once more, available for that new mom. 

During this time of year when we celebrate mothers, I am thankful for the many mothers who offered their advice to me while I raised my kids and for those mothers willing to help an author share their hard-won experiences with other new moms. Blessings to you moms and Happy belated Mother’s Day!



Carolyn gives wise and encouraging advice that any mother will love and benefit from. Her heart of love and practical ideas jump out from the page and will inspire any mother to think, "Hey, I CAN do this after all!" --Kathy Collard Miller, speaker and author of numerous books, including Princess to Princess


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